The "All or Nothing" Girl

I’m Emily Syphas and I decided not to drink when I was 28 years old. I had my first drink at

13 years old and I always remember how much I wanted to be grown up and feel like an

adult and drinking alcohol seemed like a fast track pass to being grown up. My relationship

with alcohol was never a healthy one and I always had to push boundaries and see how far I

could take things. A self-confessed ‘all or nothing type of girl’ it was always hard for

moderating to be something I could abide by. My drinking gave me a string of unhealthy

relationships, lost friendships, low self-esteem, poor mental health and a disappearing bank


I remember turning 25 and saying to myself I was no longer going to drink as it was effecting

my life so negatively it took me three years of going through a cycle of not drinking ,

drinking, not drinking , drinking to finally having enough on the 6 th April 2018 and making

the bold decision to no longer drink alcohol again. It was to be the best decision of my life.

I had the idea of Sober & Social 2 years previously but obviously didn’t stay sober to make it

a reality but this time I decided I want going to create it and this was not only going to be

my accountability to staying sober but was going to help others with their sobriety too. I am

by nature a social being, love meeting new people and love going out. I didn’t want my

social life to end because I was no longer drinking and still wanted to go to great places,

meet great people and have great drinks and thought there must be others that want to do

the same! So Sober & Social was born.

My aim isn’t to tell people not to drink but that they don’t have too! I want to show that not

drinking isn’t boring that you can still have a great social life, meet new people, connect,

have fun and live life the fullest all without a single drop of alcohol! I have been running

Sober & Social for just over a year and have a variety of events from sober bar crawls,

cocktail making classes, dating events, a boat cruise, drinks evenings, lunch, brunches and a

day rave.

My life without alcohol has become more rich and meaningful my connections are deeper,

my conversations are more interesting, my time is spent with the people I truly love, I am

more confident, more focused, kinder, braver, I respect my body ,have better mental health

and my social life is booming!

If you want to find you want to find out more information about please follow

@sober_and_social or head to to sign up for the monthly


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